MBA Students Launch the HEC Consulting Practice

Several MBA students recently came together to create and launch the HEC Paris Consulting Practice. This student-led, professional consulting organization addresses the strategic and tactical needs of companies by matching them with the capabilities of our global, diverse talent pool. For more information, visit the practice’s official website.

About the HEC Consulting Practice:


Harsha Singhraj, Consulting Practice President

Our Clients

1. The Business Community: We create value for global businesses, including large corporations, Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and startups, through customized strategy development and operations optimization services.

2. The Non-Profit Community: We combine the MBA students’ extensive business expertise with the in-depth focus of students in the masters of sustainability and social innovation to deliver significant positive social and environmental impact for our clients.

3. Our Alumni: We support and accelerate our alumni’s organizations by helping them leverage the talent, knowledge and network of HEC’s ecosystem.

Our Client Services

1. Strategy Advisory: We drive the achievement of our clients’ organizational goals by developing realistic strategy and operations optimization roadmaps.

2. Digital/Technology Advisory: We enable organizations to be future-ready by leveraging our expertise in Digital/Technology and Advanced Analytics to drive organizational transformation.

3. Global Expansion/Emerging Markets Advisory: We facilitate the global expansion of companies by developing their business strategy and local networks, and by providing cross-cultural training support.

Our Client Value Proposition

1. Our teams consist of experienced and highly diverse consultants, fund managers/bankers, operations managers, marketing directors and successful entrepreneurs.

2. Our global understanding and networks are represented in our global teams (i.e., we collectively represent over 50 countries including the major emerging markets).

3. Our ability to leverage the vast HEC ecosystem helps companies/NGOs accelerate their growth and development.

4. Our focus is on creating value for clients by being outcome-oriented in our problem-solving approach and impact-driven in our recommendations.

5. Our modus operandi is to provide a premium consultancy experience,  while remaining cost-effective.