From left: Oliver Chen, Shveta Sarin and Miguel Venta

Why the HEC Paris MBA?

We asked three current students who were previously living and working in the United States to share why they chose the HEC Paris MBA over American MBA programs.

Miguel Venta

Miguel Venta studied industrial engineering as an undergraduate in Madrid. After a brief experience in technology consulting, Miguel joined the graduate program of an automotive company in Pennsylvania and eventually became project manager at one of their manufacturing facilities. He is interested in developing his post-MBA career in technology and digital innovation.

We asked Miguel:

  • Why did you choose HEC Paris?
    One big factor in my decision was the cost of the entire experience: tuition, living expenses and career/social activities. The HEC Paris MBA is much more affordable than 2-year MBA programs in the U.S. Although Paris is not the cheapest city, having the possibility to live on campus in Jouy-en-Josas, just outside of Paris, and still benefit from being close to the City of Lights also played a big role in my decision.
  • Where’s your favorite place on campus?
    The MBA Lounge – it’s great to have a relaxing place to go between classes to get to know your classmates better.
  • What’s the best thing about France?
    The cheese! Every supermarket has a huge selection, it’s affordable and it’s always good.

Shveta Sarin

Shveta Sarin has been working in social entrepreneurship for the last eight years, and spent the last six years living in the U.S. Her role was to identify market-based solutions that address the needs of communities in the developing world. The company she worked for provided innovative solar lighting solutions and gave access to clean and affordable lighting to 1.3 billion people who formerly relied upon harmful sources of energy such as kerosene. Post-MBA she aspires to work with a global corporation that focuses on sustainability.

We asked Shveta:

  • Why did you choose HEC Paris?
    After having worked in India and the U.S., I was eager to expand my experience within Europe. I believe that Europe will provide a perfect platform to pursue my passion for impactful business models within global corporations. In addition, I really liked the length of the program – allowing me to complete my MBA, while only being out of the workforce for 16-months – and the customization options. Finally, I chose HEC Paris for the diversity of the class – more than 50 nationalities represented!
  • What is your favorite thing about HEC Paris?
    I’m very impressed by the varied and diverse background of my classmates. One person in my class studied brain and cognitive sciences but spent a brief period working as a pastry chef. Another is an actuary who took time to travel the world as a crew member of a leading airline. And another took a break from a successful retail career to be a full-time mother. The diversity of the class provides a very rich and fulfilling experience!

Xiaoxiao “Oliver” Chen

Upon graduating from college in China, Xiaoxiao “Oliver” Chen moved to the U.S. to pursue a PhD in Electrical Engineering. Before joining the HEC Paris MBA, he worked for a medical device company for six years in Washington D.C., where he was a principal systems engineer and eventually became the manager of algorithm development.

We asked Oliver:

  • Why did you choose HEC Paris?
    One reason I chose the HEC Paris MBA was its location in France. I wanted to have another experience of learning a new language and experiencing a new culture. I also found that HEC Paris provided one of the most diverse programs, with a 93 percent international class. This was a big factor for me, as I am eager to get to know people from around the world and have the opportunity to learn from each other and grow together.
  • What has been your favorite experience at the HEC Paris MBA?  
    Definitely working on the MBAT (MBA Tournament) – we spend so much time and energy in planning the event. It is a challenging, but rewarding and fun experience. 
  • What’s one thing you love about France?
    The wine, of course! It’s affordable and is of a good quality.