Meet our September 2019 MBA Intake in this Student-Produced Video

For proof that the September 2019 HEC Paris MBA intake is an inspired group, take a moment to watch their student-produced video. Yes, that’s an elephant with Anshul. Maria Alejandra is mingling with some of Cartagena’s famous palenqueras. Johannes and Mayu each dance in their country’s traditional garb. And for those 100+ students who didn’t film segments in their home countries, the video’s creators, Jonas Kanafani and Karan Nimrani, embarked on another big undertaking – organizing a group trip to Paris to dance in front of the Eiffel Tower.

“It was really fascinating to see the entire class come together around the theme of dancing – the great unifier,” Karan says. “The video is a manifestation of our cohort’s diverse individuality and a celebration of our energy. It binds together all of our intake’s creativity through a common conduit.”

With all the inventiveness captured in these few minutes of film, we can’t wait to see what the September 2019 MBA intake accomplishes in the classroom!