Core Members of our 2020 Women in Leadership Club: Kritika Taneja, Monica Yusuf, Akanksha Rashmi, Suri Yang, Jason Kleinman and Beatriz Flores

Women in Leadership Club Launches Digital Publication

The Women in Leadership Club (WIL)typically has an events calendar that would make even the most outgoing student jealous. First comes a guided tour of Paris that focuses on the city’s inspirational women. Next up is a 1+1 Mixer, followed by a discussion co-hosted with the PE/VC Club and GML Club. And that’s just for October.

The cover of the August issue

The cover of the first we.WIL magazine, published in August 2O2O

Still, with all the exciting things on the club’s agenda, one stands out: the decision to create a new digital magazine. We.WIL made its official debut in August, 2020. The publication features inspirational stories about MBA alumni and students. “We wanted to create an interesting medium to connect students and allow them to be inspired by each other,” explains Suri Yang, WIL President and the publication’s editor-in-chief.

In the inaugural, August 2020 issue, you’ll meet J20 student Rini Bankhwal. She’s the founder of Tribana, an artisanal jewelry collective available in 11 stores across India. Several of France’s outstanding women are highlighted as a teaser to the Club’s upcoming tour of Paris. Alumnae Tricia Wilson, MBA ’19 and Teejana Beenessreesingh, MBA ’19, share their insights on true leadership. All that is set off by Monica Yusuf’s elegant design and Jason Kleinman’s sharp proofreading.

“It’s always a pleasure talking to alumni,” says Akanksha Rashmi, WIL board member and one of the publication’s writers. “Tricia and Teejana have built a strong foundation for budding leaders to follow. Post-MBA, I aspire to have a similar impact on each community that I am a part of. Learning from their challenges and motivations is invaluable.”

To learn more about the HEC Paris MBA’s Women in Leadership Club’s upcoming events, email them at or follow them on Instagram at @HECMBAWIL.

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