• Pratham (kneeling) leads a training session in Indonesia, educating the local food and beverage community about Australian wines

    COVID sparks an MBA grad to Launch his own Business

    Wine and spirits have taken Pratham Wahi a long way. As a child in India, colorful bottles with strange and wonderful labeling took him toward his father’s cupboard, where, transfixed by the exotic languages from all around the world, a seed was planted. A little older, they took him to a vineyard on the Western… Continue Reading

  • Sweet Taste of Victory: Taking 1st Place in a Wine Case Competition

    Written by Lewis Anderson and Jasper Stroeder, otherwise known as team Barrel Business Within days of starting your MBA, invitations to partake in case competitions steadily flow into your inbox. These inter-school, international business problem-solving competitions are synonymous with the MBA experience. However, as classes get more intense, extra-curricular activities fill your diary and the… Continue Reading