Text by Hilary Matson

Image of Hilary MatsonHilary Matson (MBA’20) graduated from the University of Washington (USA) in 2010 with a degree in Business Administration. She immediately started working with Amazon.com at their headquarters in Seattle, and held a variety of roles ranging from Financial Analyst to Senior Program Manager.

In 2016, she moved with Amazon to their Paris office for a Senior Marketing Manager role. With nine years of experience in e-commerce retail, she decided to pursue her MBA at HEC Paris to layer a theoretical framework over her practical experience, as well as gain exposure to other sectors and small/medium enterprises.

She is specifically interested in tech startups and sustainability, and will be pursuing the Entrepreneurship Specialization as well as the Social Business Certificate. On campus, Hilary is a member of the HEC Consulting Practice, serves as an Academic Representative for her cohort, and was the Women’s Football coordinator for MBAT.